Instructions to manually install the Audio Network Music Panel for Premiere Pro

If you have experienced issues during the installation process, the below instructions offer an alternative way to install the Audio Network extension for Premiere Pro.  This completes the same steps that are executed automatically by our installer process.


1. Download the .zxp file

Please select the link below to start the download.

2. Install the Adobe Extensions Manager from Anastasiy.
This Extensions Manager is a product from Anastasiy which helps with the management of your Creative Cloud extensions. This will enable you to simply install the .zxp file we supply, to your Premiere Pro suite.

2a. Visit

2b. Download for Mac or Windows

2c. Select Premiere Pro CC

2d. Click on Install to open up a dialog window. Select the ZXP file from your Downloads or saved location.

2e. Await success notification. The Extension Manager can then be closed.

Opening the Panel in Premiere Pro

By following the above steps, the extension will now be available in Premiere Pro. To open within Premiere Pro, navigate to Windows > Extensions > Audio Network Music

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 3.50.08 PM.png

If you continue to experience issues installing the extension, please contact us on for our support.