• The Creative Cloud Sync has a number of users reporting issues. See this Adobe forum for more information: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1901283

  • For alternative installation, you can download the plug-in from here: http://adobe.audionetwork.com/download-now/

  • Follow the instructions to install the plug-in for Windows or Mac OS

  • Open Premiere Pro to load the Audio Network panel: Windows -> Extensions -> Audio Network Music


There are a couple of reasons why you may have trouble downloading music. Please check:

  • That you are downloading to a mapped drive, as music can’t be downloaded to networked drives

  • To fix this, change your download location to a mapped drive

  • That your member subscription has not expired

  • To find out if your subscription has expired, please check your account on the website or email uk.sales@audionetwork.com


Selecting Projects from the project menu refreshes the list and the tracks within it.


The download location for the preview track and the purchased track must be the same for this to work. We recommend
only changing the download location when you start a new project.


This is something we’ll be adding in a future release. For now, please use the search tags to get you started with some keywords.


For technical support please contact us at adobepprotech@audionetwork.com


We support Premiere Pro CC versions 9.2 to 12. Boxed versions of Premiere Pro  (CS6 and earlier) are not supported.

  • First, check that your version of Premiere Pro is compatible with our add-on. We support the Creative Cloud version of Premiere Pro, starting with v 9.2 and including the v12. Boxed versions of Premiere Pro (CS6 and earlier) are not supported.

  • If you are working on a PC or Mac that’s managed by an administrator, you may need to have that administrator install the plug-in for you.

  • If you are still having trouble getting the plug-in to work, contact us and we’ll do our best to help you.