Getting started

Find out how to get started using our Adobe Premiere Pro panel - watch now!


Download and install

It’s simple to get started: you can download from the Audio Network website (available for Mac OS and Windows) or via the Adobe Add-on Store.

  • Download and run the add-on installer - “Audio Network Installer”. You may need to change your security permissions to run it
  • Once you have successfully run the installer, you’ll find the Audio Network add-on by navigating to Window -> Extensions -> Audio Network Music
  • Dock wherever you like within your workspace
  • Sign in or register with an Audio Network account and start downloading!

Did you know?

If you are working on a PC or Mac that’s managed by an administrator, you may need to have that administrator install the plug-in for you.


Unlimited free scratch tracks

You can download as many preview-quality MP3 tracks as you like. Find a track you love, import it and audition it!

When you’ve found the right music, licensing the track automatically replaces the MP3 on the timeline with a high-quality WAV version.

Did you know?

Any track edits made remain in tact even after the auto-replace!


Licensing options

All of Audio Network’s straightforward licensing options, available within Premiere Pro.

Did you know?

Creating a video for YouTube? Take a look at our Creator + license: it allows you to generate revenue from your videos - including podcasts, iTunes, Vimeo, etc.


Log in

Log in with your existing Audio Network account to sync your Favorites and purchases with the website.

Did you know?

Audio Network members can take advantage of Projects, which are live synced from the website.



There are two easy ways to start searching for the perfect music for your edit. Use keywords if you already know what you’re looking for, or use our search tags if you need some inspiration.

Did you know?

Clicking inside the search bar reveals the keyword tags again. The Audio Network logo also functions as a back button.



Projects are synced in real time from the Audio Network website, allowing you to preview selected tracks straight into your edit.

Did you know?

Your most recently updated Projects will be at the top of the list.



Create a shortlist of potential tracks for your edit by favoriting them in the panel.

Did you know?

You can find your Favorites in the menu under your account name. Your Favorites from the website are synced to the panel automatically.


Keyboard controls

Speed up your auditioning process by using keyboard controls to play, pause and scrub through tracks in your search results.

Did you know?

Keyboard keys - Up/down to move through the tracklist, Spacebar to play/pause or Left/right to skip through a track.


Set download location

Choose a download location for your music that works for you.

Did you know?

The default location is the Audio Network Music Folder next to your Premiere Pro Project file.

Download the Adobe Premiere Pro panel